Behind the scenes at Wales’ biggest cancer centre

Each year thousands of patients in Wales get to use a radiation machine that doesn’t just save lives, but saves the quality of lives. Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) allows experts to focus more precisely on the cancer cells, meaning nearby healthy tissues are less likely to be affected.


One Response to “Behind the scenes at Wales’ biggest cancer centre”

  1. Wayne Manger

    A very bad, innaccurate, and misleading report.
    What it does not point out is that IMRT is used routinely in all 3 Welsh radiotherapy centres.
    The machine which was installed in 2014 is a stereotactic radiotherapy machine. Although there was a large amount of Welsh govt funding to purchase the machine, there is very limited funding for patients from outside Cardiff (some lung cancer cases.) For most other indications, private funding is required. North Wales patients will still go to England for stereotactic radiotherapy.