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Videos. A series of short films explaining key concepts of radiotherapy, and current radiotherapy issues in the UK. There is also a video designed to explain radiotherapy to children.

Real life patient stories from patients who have had radiotherapy and want to share their experiences with you.

Types of radiotherapy. There are many different ways that radiotherapy can be given as treatment, depending on the type of cancer a patient has. We explain in clear, jargon-free language, what the differences are, what the treatment involves, the type of cancer it is used for.

Some modern types of radiotherapy – such as stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT, sometimes known as SABR) – are only available in certain NHS radiotherapy centres. We have compiled a list of radiotherapy centres in the UK that are currently offering SBRT.

Our website will explain some of the side effects you may get when having radiotherapy.

Patients undergoing breast radiotherapy may be interested in deep inspiration breath hold technique (DIBH) which is designed to reduce any incidental radiation dose to the heart. We also cover useful questions you may want to ask your consultant before having radiotherapy.

If you wish to consider radiotherapy clinical trials in the UK or internationally, we will provide you with some guidance and links to recommended clinical trial sites.

If you are interested in radiotherapy news, we offer updates on news from radiotherapy centres in the UK, and news stories of interest. If you would like to receive our daily radiotherapy news service to your email for free, click here to register.

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