Action Radiotherapy Champions Network Job Description

In 2018, the Action Radiotherapy Champions Network will be established to advance and benefit the practice of radiotherapy and its allied subjects in the preservation of good health. This will be achieved through the formation of a group of radiotherapy professionals representing both NHS and Private Sector radiotherapy units in the UK. There will also be nominated persons who will represent cancer alliances as outlined in the new service specifications for radiotherapy services, including England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Private Sector units.


The responsibilities of the ARCNet member are as follows:

  • Commitment to engage with the network for 1 year
  • Attend Action Radiotherapy Cancer Alliance meetings on a quarterly basis by telephone
  • Engage with colleagues in your trust to disseminate information
  • Establish a departmental Twitter Account for radiotherapy networking
  • Engage in Action Radiotherapy Technical Radiotherapy Forum activities
  • Engage in fundraising activities to support Action Radiotherapy eg.Cake Bake Events and Charity Running Events (with departmental/Trust approval)
  • Register for the Action Radiotherapy Daily News and encourage colleagues and patients (if appropriate) to subscribe


Action Radiotherapy will support network representatives as follows:

  • Provision of updated Key Radiotherapy Documents
  • Provision of Technical Radiotherapy Forum for communication
  • Provision of Job Vacancies in the UK
  • Provision of radiotherapy meetings and events in the UK
  • Facilitation of multidisciplinary networking and sharing of expertise and best practice
  • Encouraging best practice in radiotherapy and allied subjects
  • Facilitate and disseminate best practices in radiotherapy and allied subjects
  • Promote education and training in the research and practice of radiotherapy and its allied subjects
  • Support local and national action to councils and government to improve radiotherapy services in the UK


If you are interested in becoming a member of ARCNet for your radiotherapy department, contact Action Radiotherapy by email: