Londoner denied NHS cancer care: ‘It’s like I’m being left to die’

When Albert Thompson went for his first radiotherapy session for prostate cancer in November he says he was surprised to be taken aside by a hospital administrator and told that unless he could produce a British passport he would be charged £54,000 for the treatment. Last October the Department of Health published new guidance highlighting NHS trusts’ legal responsibility for charging overseas visitors. A letter from the hospital stated unless Thompson could provide documents to prove that he was “ordinarily resident and legally entitled to live in the UK”, he would be required to pay for treatment “in full, in advance”.
The Guardian

2 Responses to “Londoner denied NHS cancer care: ‘It’s like I’m being left to die’”

  1. Victoria Silver

    Can we start a crowdfunding page for him??

    Also when will the tyranny of the Home Office end? I am a law student involved with immigration cases in Glasgow – the Home Office run themselves like a police state. It must end. What can we do?? The Home Office case workers are poorly educated and poorly managed or looked after. It is not surprising that their decisions are so terrible – they’re allowed to enforce life changing decisions with little repercussion.

    What happened to owing people a Duty of Care?? Surely there is a case for delictual liability (Tort in England) here?