Media Broadcasts

Here you will find links to some of the media broadcasts that discuss radiotherapy provision in the UK and/or Action Radiotherapy and its charitable work.

BBC Radio 5 live Investigates – 7th December 2014

Professor Price, Chair of Action Radiotherapy talked to Adrian Goldberg on the BBC 5 Live Investigates programme about access to the revolutionary radiotherapy SABR treatment – why is it being offered to fewer patients this year than last and why are centres that offer it being closed down.

Follow the link above to access BBC Radio podcasts and scroll down the list to the podcast that aired on the 7th December 2014. The segment on SABR starts at 25 minutes and 50 seconds.

BBC Radio Sussex Drive at 5 – 28th August 2015

A Storrington man is campaigning for a radiotherapy service in West Sussex after his late wife abandoned her radiotherapy treatment following extreme pain during the daily 2.5 hour round trip for her treatment in Portsmouth.

Charlotte Beardmore, Radiographer and Director of Professional Services, from the Society of Radiographers discusses the problems behind why radiotherapy services are so spread out and mentions the recommendations that The Independent Cancer Task Force have made in a report presented to NHS England which is currently under review.

The segment starts at minute 38 and 23 seconds.

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