Vertual brings the linac into the classroom

When pilots learn to fly a plane, they train on a flight simulator that artificially re-creates the aircraft environment – enabling them to hone their skills and practise expected and, importantly, unexpected flight scenarios with zero risk. So why not employ the same approach for radiotherapy? That’s the underlying premise of VERT (virtual environment for radiation therapy training) – a training simulator developed by UK company Vertual.
Medical Physics Web

Study shows a new approach to treating patients with stage IV Wilms tumour

A new study showing significantly improved survival rates for patients with stage IV Wilms tumours with lung metastases was recently published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology. The outcomes of the study, “Treatment of Stage IV Favorable Histology Wilms Tumor With Lung Metastases: A Report From the Children’s Oncology Group AREN0533 Study”, will be a game-changer in treating Wilms tumour and reduce the need for radiotherapy – and the long-term risks associated with it – in nearly half of patients whose cancer has spread to the lung.

Windrush scandal: Albert Thompson gets cancer treatment date

Albert Thompson, the Windrush victim who was denied NHS cancer care, has finally been given a date for the radiotherapy treatment he was due to begin last November, before hospital staff questioned his immigration status. Thompson, 63, said he was “very excited” to hear that a 33-day radiotherapy programme was scheduled to start on 1 May, but was surprised by the sudden rush to resolve the situation after six months of extreme anxiety.
The Guardian

Prostate cancer: Treatment time slashed to under three weeks thanks to new development

Prostate cancer can be successfully treated by short courses of radiotherapy lasting just two and a half weeks, a big reduction from the current treatment time of eight weeks. Researchers found that higher doses of “ultra-hypofractionated” radiotherapy every other day for two and a half weeks worked as well as the standard eight-week treatment.