Pensioner’s plight shows ‘urgent need’ for St Richard’s radiotherapy centre

A man in his 80s forced to travel hundreds of miles a week for cancer treatment highlights the ‘desperate need’ for a West Sussex radiotherapy centre.
Bognor Regis Observer

One Response to “Pensioner’s plight shows ‘urgent need’ for St Richard’s radiotherapy centre”

  1. John Gooderham

    That so-called ‘urgent’ need was recognised 12 years ago by all parts of the then local NHS, when the small radiotherapy unit at the KEVII Hospital at Midhurst was shut down when that hospital was closed. Ever since there have been proposals, promises, plans and so on but nothing concrete has happened. All West Sussex cancer patients have to go outside the county to receive radiotherapy, often travelling up to an hour each way to do so. According to research by the Uni of Manchester’s dept of cancer sciences, West Sussex needs 3.2 linacs, and has none.