Why is the NHS so reluctant to fund new radiotherapy technology? 

In her column on NHS funding for cancer, Judith Potts writes: The other mystery is why the NHS is so reluctant to fund upfront costs of new radiotherapy technology, even if this would significantly reduce costs later.  Instead it demands randomised trial data of survival – which, of course, takes decades to prove. It will be interesting to see whether the newly-launched Australian TROG 15.01 SPARK clinical trial – results of which are due in 2017 – will persuade the NHS to change its mind. Professor Pat Price – CEO of Action Radiotherapy – said: “Action Radiotherapy is very excited about this new study, which could reduce side effects for men having prostate cancer treatment and allow them to have their treatment quickly and get on with their lives.  We hope the UK can respond to this when the results are available in 2017.”

The Telegraph